Wouter Bruneel

Wouter Bruneel (° 1977, Veurne) is a Flemish actor and dramatist. As a young man in his twenties he participated in the founding of Gordijnen voor konijnen, a company – better known as the Keuns – with which he went on to develop numerous successful theater productions for years to come. Later he found his way to Theater Malpertuis and he toured Europe with street theater acts in The Primitives (Gordon Wilson and Craig Weston).

Steve + Sky will be Wouters first introduction to the film world. Recently he was shown in the successful Flemish series Marsman, Bevergem and Eigen Kweek. He currently plays roles in, among other things, Zie mij graag and De Zonen van Van As. In 2018 he will also be seen in Kursk by Thomas Vinterberg.

Photo © Michel Deveen

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