Piet De Praitere

Piet De Praitere (° 1963, Kortrijk) is a Flemish actor, comedian, writer and television producer. After his formal theater education, he was present at the birth of Flemish comedy.

His own comedy career began in 1994 when he won De Groote Prijs W.P. Stutjens together with Gunter Lamoot and Bart Vanneste. This brought him to Studio Kafka, a humorous radio program on the Studio Brussel radio station, in which he collaborated with, among others, Kamagurka. During this program his first character Etienne met het open verhemelte was born. This was followed by ten full-length solo shows, of which De Milfmagneet (2016) is the most recent. Piet is described as a fabulous narrator/ actor with his own style: unpredictable and graceful.

As an actor, Piet performed various roles in films and TV series. In Flanders, he became known to the general public as Claude Delvoye, the slick OCMW chairman from the successful series Bevergem.

Photo © Kurt Stockman

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