Mourade Zeguendi

Mourade Zeguendi (° 1980, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode) is a Belgian-Moroccan actor and dramatist. At the beginning of his career he played in dozens of theater performances, mainly pieces by the independent theater group Union Suspecte that he founded in 2003 together with Chokri and Zouzou Ben Chikha, among others. Mourade has played a role in several successful productions: Bruxelles mon amour (2000), Dikkenek (2005), Taxi 4 (2006), Go Fast (2007) and JCVD ​​(2008). He also appeared in numerous TV programs including Melting Pot Café, De Vijfhoek and Duts. But his notoriety is largely thanks to his appearance in Nabil Ben Yadir’s film, The Barons, which was presented in 2009 at the opening ceremony of the FIFF in Namur.

In 2011, his name was on the poster of L’Amante du Rif by Narjiss Nejjar, a film that was selected for the FIFF. He also played a role in the film Offline by Peter Monsaert.  A performance that earned him the Ensor for best male in a supporting role in 2013. Mourade has also been seen in films such as F.C. De Kampioenen: Kampioen zijn blijft plezant (Eric Wirix), Traitors (Sean Gullette – selected for the Venice Days in 2013), Plan Bart (Roel Mondelaers), Waste Land (Pieter Van Hees) and Certifié Halal (Mahmoud Zemmouri).

He will perform in Flandrien (2015-2017) and Join the Revolution (2016-2017) together with the theater collective Action Zoo Humain which he co-founded. He is gained popularity with the Flemish public that same summer thanks to the project Hot in Frankrijk, during which he reported on the European Football Championship for a month, alongside the popular comedian Freddy De Vadder .

In 2017 he will be seen on screen in Generation B (Pieter Van Hees & Joost Vandecasteele) and Gina & Chantal (Thomas De Cock). In 2018 he played the leading role in Champion (RTBF).

Photo: Vivian Hertz

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